“oh yes, oh yes” that is right Space Ibiza is to reopen in a competition new location in 2018.

At the start of the Ibiza season rumors came to light as Space Ibiza was going to be forced to closed its doors, as current the lease wasn’t renewed – The building where Space has lived its live for the past 27 years is owned by the next door rivals “Ushuaia” and lease renovation did not come fruition as Mr. Abel Matutes plans to reopen the location as another Club of his own!

There has been a lot of rumors regarding the fate of Space in the sunny Island but a major player has came to light with some good information regarding the fate of Space Ibiza, Carl Cox in a recent interview with with Ticketmaster he said “Plans are on the table for it opening at another site but it won’t happen for at least two years”.

Carl Cox has been a solid source of information regarding Dance Music and especially Space Ibiza. In the interview Carl Cox also confessed to Ticketmaster “At the moment I am quite looking forward to getting three days a week of my life back. I feel like I am ready to kick back a little bit and enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

When asked if Carl Cox will be involved with the Space Ibiza he had this to say ““ I don’t know whether I will be involved because there are so many variables.”

We for one are thrilled that Space Ibiza is gaining a new life and can only hope Mr. Coxy keeps bringing that magic that he got us used to.

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