Dance Music is taking over the planet. If you are reading this article, you probably know this by now. What you may not know is Wide Future has already started its quest to worldwide Electronic Music domination. Chances are you’ve been following Wide Future for a while now, so you know about our Portuguese roots and you may have met us at a festival this summer, here is what we have been doing.

This summer, the Wide Future crew has been raving (and working) all over the country, leaving our mark in every major Portuguese festival. Starting with Nova Era Presents EDP Beach Party and ending with Top FM Beach Party. Going through the ever growing sunset by RFM Somnii, the Lisbon Eletronik Brunch and the infamous Meo Sudoeste, our team has literally been all across the country. Here at Wide Future, we live by the motto “Work hard, play harder.” and during the summer, we have been working… for you!

Starting next Monday, the first of several articles about these summer festivals will be posted, so you can get updated on all the Dance Music events that happened in Portugal. The strengths and weaknesses of every festival, the changes they had compared to previous years and, ultimately, an impartial view on every artist performance are some of the topics you will be able to read about starting on the 22nd of August.

No words describe this summer better than “an adventure” and Wide Future wants to take that adventure to you. Stay tuned about any Dance Music related news at our new website and feel free to give some feedback!


Author: Miguel Ferreira

Photo: Bruno Coelho

About The Author

There is something special about Dance Music, you can't explain it, just feel it. Dance Music is more than just music, Dance Music is a culture a movement. One that I respect deeply and love to understand be a part of. Started Wide Future in 2014 because of the love I have for every single genre of Dance Music, Techno, House, Drum, Big Room, Trap, Trance, etc.

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