Wide Future Description:

Wide Future, a project, a family, the future. Created in March 14, 2014 is now the world’s most promising Dance Music platform, breaking barriers every day, innovating and with a young and dynamic team, Wide Future is the regarded the best medium for news, music and everything closely linked to Dance Music industry.

Born in Portugal, but with a sight for the bigger picture to reach a global audience, experiencing tremendous growth and a clear online footprint, dubbed as one, if not the best source for news regarding Dance Music by it’s readers and followers, there just isn’t a platform where users could find information about all Dance Music genres – From techno, to house, to Big Room, to Drum & Bass, to minimal, to Trap – we are unique in Portugal and in the world to an extend.

Our ethos is simple; we believe in talent, we believe in music and we love this culture, there is nothing that we love more than Dance Music.

2017 was particularly unbelievable, we as a team did not expect to cover as many events as we did, we covered EVERY single Electronic music festival in Portugal and were present at Amsterdam Dance Event and Ultra Europe as press, we have also increased our contact network internationally, to reach even more artists, label and artists managers, promoters and festivals.

With such a strong presence and an even stronger push to become widely recognized, Wide Future is becoming one of the best media partners for Event promoters, Artists Publicists and other identities.

Note: Before you continue reading be aware this is NOT a paid position, however, we would be delighted to have you join our team.

Job Description: 

Looking for photographers who understand the dynamics of Dance music festivals and parties, which entails:

  • setting up photographic equipment
  • taking pictures
  • editing and retouching images
  • choosing and setting up locations
  • reproducing and framing photographs
  • promoting business (especially if self-employed)
  • researching and making contacts
  • general administration.

The majority of the work is undertaken ‘on location’, so travel and irregular working hours are common features of the job.

What to expect:

  • Working conditions vary depending on the assignment and can involve all weather conditions, remote locations or cramped studios. In certain fields of photography, such as documentary, work may also be dangerous.
  • A reasonable degree of fitness may be necessary for some areas of work, such as festival photography, which involves the use of bulky and heavy telephoto lenses and equipment.
  • Work might be in remote locations, where access is hard and transportes little.
  • Travel is an integral part of many specialist photographers’ lives and may include travel within Portugal and overseas.

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