Wide Future always strived to be more than a simple “E-Magazine”, with FULL 360 we hope to step towards that objective. Full 360 is a collection of various services from Photography, to artist management, to press, to graphic design and much more. If you would like to book any of our services, or have any further enquiries please mail us at business@widefuture.com.



There are moments that we can’t forget, there are moments that can only be lived once. But these can be captured forever, and with us, they will not be forgoten.


Capturing moments, creating story with stills. In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

Graphic Designer

There is no bad client, part of our work is to create amazing work and have you understand. Communicate through images.

Press Management

Get noticed, get heard. Knowing how to reach the right people with the right message is key for success. Let us take care of it, let us cut through the nonsense.








Spread your brand, grow your family. We will manage everything from your merchandising, to your store, anything and everything you may need.


Event Management

Want to throw the best party, event, festival and don’t have the know how? Trust our team to take care of all of the logistics. We will create the event you have envisioned from the start with clear cooperation and communication.


Artist Booking

No festival, no party, no event is ever successful without the right lineup. We take note of talent, we notice trends, we will book you the best artists that your event deserves.

Artist Management

Artist Management, is more than creating a career. It’s all about human interaction, human management. We strive to make your artistic life more human, we make your objectives our goals. Your wins are our wins, your losses are our losses.