Sickmode will not let us down

After a splendid night at the label Gearbox Digital's 10th birthday party, Sickmode aka former Malice performed for the first time alone and let's say he has bombs to drop, you're not ready. Many fans have ...

Malice will split up but don’t be sad!

Malice, the Italian duo, recently announced that they would split up. In a recent documentary about their career history at Gearbox and in person, they explained what they felt and the obstacles they had to...
Minus Militia

Minus Militia are back and in force

After much speculation, Minus Militia has confirmed that they will release an album this year called "Code of the Conduct".

Toneshifterz will fight harder

Toneshifterz, one of Hardstyle scene's most underrated artists, arrives with a bomb, along with Chris Madin, named "Till the Fight is Won". Why underrated? You ask. We think the numbers don't match the qual...