Wide Future, a project, a family, the future. As the world’s most promising Dance Music platform, breaking barriers every day, innovating and with a young and dynamic team, Wide Future is the best platform to promote your work, festival, brand and everything else. With a strong community, a family feel and an engaging team, we offer amazing opportunities to connect with the global Dance Music community.

Our ethos is simple; we believe in talent, we believe in music and we love this culture, there is nothing that we love more than Dance Music and with us, your voice can be heard across various platforms.

Get in touch as we will work closely together with you on our advertising solutions that deliver impact. Our in-house business team will help you build, optimize and deliver the best campaigns to the right audience.

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Partnerships are amazing, we treat all our partnerships as friendships, so we do our best for the partnerships to be as meaningful as possible to create a legacy and a lasting impact on our strong community.

Get in touch, let’s create a friendships help you grow your brand, drive ticket sales, exclusive content creation and above all bring your world leading event to life

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Do you want to be heard, do you have a track, a festival, a product or just a message to share with the Dance Music community?

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