Once every biography should start from the present, we are Wide Future, a media platform operating in the present website and social media dedicated to all things electronic music based in Portugal. We bring to you the EDM culture through news, articles and interviews concerning artists, labels, promotors, festivals, technology, and all of dance music’s strands.
Our story began 5 years ago. One day, José Silva (CEO), an electronic music enthusiast, decided to pass this passion of his to others. At the time, electronic music was growing both nationally and internationally, but José thought that such quick growth was vilifying the true values of it. So, he came up with Wide Future, established in 14th March 2014, to spread the EDM word.
We started by operating in social media only, acting as ambassadors for the sake of dance music, and created a livestream concept – Wide Fridays – to expand our influencing. The bi-monthly podcast ended in 2017, after 45 editions and 75 guests, featuring the likes of Corey James, Jay Hardway, Joey Dale, Tocadisco, Jordan Suckley, among many others.
Gradually, a project that was started by one individual turned into something much more powerful. In 2016, we launched our website, which gave us more leverage to produce new content, and from that point on we have been improving exponentially. A one-man staff is now a 20-people one, including reporters, designers, photographers and video editors from Portugal, a small media platform is now well known between the dance music community, and a narrow group of people expanded to a family who proudly wears our merchandise and supports this cause of ours.
In late 2017, we presented a new annual project, the Best Of, to highlight, enlist and award the best both nationally and internationally within 24 categories. And in the beginning of 2018, we came up with two new features. The election of the “Artist of The Week” and a brand-new shorter, but musically richer radio show, Future Connection.
Wide Future covered over 30 festivals plus countless parties, both national and international, counts over a thousand articles and news in its repertoire and already reached millions on social media. Also, we were nominated twice (2016 and 2017) by the Iberian Festival Awards as best media partners. Despite all success, we still want more, and we keep working every day to evolve, always under the mantra we started with. The future is now!