Matteo Milleri, better kwon as Anyma has made his stunning entrance as a solo artist last month with ‘Sentient’ on Afterlife and today he makes his very first debut on Rüfüs du Sol label, Rose Avenue with ‘Claire’.

Since the begging of Anyma’s solo project Rüfüs du Sol seemed to be delightful with Matteo’s progressive and immersive sounds and that is why they decided to welcome him to their family label. As an introduction to all the new listeners, two weeks ago Matteo decided to release his very first mixtape as a part of Rose Avenue’s podcast on their Soundcloud where he takes you on a magic trip around his favourite songs including some IDs from well-kwon artists such as Adriatique, Colyn, Innellea and many more.

Regarding ‘Claire’ it is a three-track EP that starts with the track that gives name to the EP itself. It is a collaboration between Matteo and Janus Rasmussen, member of the duo Kiasmos. Since the early days of Tale of Us we can see the fascination that they had for Kiasmos, with plenty of support over the years and now Matteo decided to bring Janus on board in this project with the lyrics of the amazing singer Delhia de France. This track to be main identity of this EP, with a lot of attention to the atmosphere created around the brilliant melody.

On the other hand, ‘Forevermore’ is a darker and melancholic track with a heavy focus on a melody that gives you instant chills. This one was truly designed with the purpose to transport you into an uncharted digital terrain, in other words, to the afterlife. ‘Forevermore’ is also the intro track of Matteo mixtape for Rose Avenue and since its debut it has gained a lot of repercussion among his fanbase.

For the last track of this brilliant EP we have a old lost file that takes back to Tale of Us set in 2018 for Cercle. Pinch me, I could not believe it either that after three years the intro track of that amazing set in Charles de Gaulle airport can finally see the light of day. This track is truly the way to end this EP with a cherry on the top of the cake, it is a track definitely takes you into a truly realm of consciousness (pun intended).   

And well, this is ‘Claire’, the second EP of Anyma and his very first debut at Rose Avenue Rec. In comparison to ‘Sentient’ this is a more emotional EP but still with a heavy presence of analog synths and truly remarkable melodies. If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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