Three months after the release of Analog Context ‘Lylium’ the label is now back with their already well-kwon VA Turbulence.

The British label Running Clouds had delivered to all melodic techno enthusiasts the best of this genre and now that path continues with the second part of their VA. Turbulence is a 20-track album with songs from some already well-known artist in the label and a lot of new entries as well.

Regarding these 20 tracks, some of them deserve a special mention, including Convolute with ‘Just a Drop in the Ocean’, ‘Cedars of God’ by the already well-known duo Senses of Mind, the very first release of the artists Monarch with ‘Vam’, ‘Waldarnia’ by Half of Me, Monophase’s return to the label with ‘Sings of Hope’, the debut of Emiliano Demarco on the British imprint with ‘Syke’, ’Manifold’ by Meither and many more.

On this second part of Turbulence the label decided to do a little different approach that the one that they did with the first part a year ago, which contained many releases from famous artists on the scene such as Synasthesie, Analog Context, The Element, Anticyclone, Jaden Raxel etc. This follow up is more focused on the debut of many upcoming artists on the scene and showing their amazing potential when it comes to music production, and this is something that needs to be valued and praised. However, the main goal of this VA is still the same which is to deliver the best of melodic techno to the all the label fans around the world that are increasingly on an exponential level.

And well, this is the second of part of Running Clouds VA Turbulence. If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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