One month after Devoteex EP ‘Narcotism’, the Italian label managed by Ciro Acciarino returns with an unexpected release from CORA (IT) called ‘Kingdom of Dreams’.

CORA is a techno artist who is unable to settle for received truths, a visceral liberalist for whom every system is tight, who exists in perpetual revolt against the human condition and the ordinary.

Quoting her autobiography, we can take a glimpse of the artist identity:

Regarding this EP, ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ is a three-track EP. The first one it is called ‘The Age of Rebirth’, a pure melodic track that transports you towards a totally different dimension with a unique melody. After that we have ‘Violent Desires’, this one has a special focus on the drums that emphasizes a progressive melody. And to finish the EP we have the track that gives the name to the EP itself, this one with lots of influence by progressive house with a very soft melody that keeps pushing you even forward towards an epic state of melancholy.

Emerging Italian talent Cora is the one who provided Black Rose Recordings twelfth EP. A truly amazing work that ranges from the darker side of the techno production to the most sentimental and melancholy nuance, but still strong and brilliant. The first track is “The Age Of Rebirth”, a real gem that combines a warm and deep kick with a persistent arpeggio that continues to evolve throughout the composition. The second piece of music is “Violent Desires”, a very powerful track that hits the listener with a particular and hypnotic rhythm, made up of classic techno sounds. everything evolves by introducing an epic melody that explodes at the heart of the track. The EP closes with “Kingdom of Dreams”, a beautiful composition that brings a very dark but melodic atmosphere to the foreground, with a very well-designed synth that develops methodically. a powerful and dramatic track that represents the mood of the ep in an excellent way.

In a small chat with the label, we can see what lead to the creation of this EP

And well, this is ‘Kingdom of Dreams’, the debut of CORA on Black Rose REC. If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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