It’s been over a year since Recondite released a track on Afterlife with ‘Tunnel’, and over three years since he released the exclusive EP ‘Rainmaker’. So, as a special gift to all the fans, Afterlife decided to give us this amazing gift called ‘Bird’ that marks the fifty release of the label.

As mentioned before, this is a very important mark for the label that has been released amazing tracks since 2016 and now reaching the mark of fifty release it’s amazing to see the evolution of the label and the stunning impact the it had on the entire scene since now it’s one of the biggest labels on this genre.

This EP it’s called ‘Bird’ and it’s a two-track EP that explore Recondite’s surroundings around melodic techno with an amazing trip around low-BPM beats alongside with dark melodies. The first track is the one that gives the name to the EP itself and it was premiered several times by Recondite itself, including at Atelier des Lumières in Paris at the beginning of this month. You can check the full set down below.

After that we have ‘Secluded’, a truly melodic masterpiece that explores darker synths alongside with soft drums, a perfect combination for a “club-ish” track.

In a small chat with Afterlife we can see what lead to this amazing EP:

With the Bird EP he presents two tracks with contrasting themes that complement each other, demonstrating his technical ability and emotional intelligence. Title track ‘Bird’ explores the notion of freedom through sonic transcendence, offering hope and optimism with its gentle melodies and subtle euphoria. ‘Secluded’ takes the opposite approach, exploring the inner conflict sparked by isolation and living in confinement. Taut beats and brooding melancholy underpin this cut, with a solemn repetitive riff adding emotive urgency.

And well this is ‘Bird’ EP, the fifty release of Afterlife and with a special presence of Recondite. If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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