One month after the release of ‘Sanctum’ EP by Alberth and Senses of Mind on Black Rose REC, the label is now back featuring for the first time the Italian duo Devoteex with an EP called ‘Narcotism’.

Devoteex is a musical project created by the Italian duo Alberto Luzzi & Cristian Manolo. They started working as DJs several years ago and then they started to experiment with new sounds and dedicating themselves to music production founding the Devoteex project, inspired by melodic techno, indie, dub techno and filled with a constant search for new sounds. With releases already in labels such as Awen Tales, Running Clouds and Natura Viva Black, and with the support of many huge artists on the scene, they’re already becoming well-known in the scene.

Regarding ‘Narcotism’, is a four-track EP and it starts with ‘Balena’, a track with indie drums accompanied with a soft melody, the perfect way to start this EP. Followed by that we have ‘Proximus’. This one is more focused on creating a surrounding environment of instruments alongside with very soft leads as well, like the previous one. After that we have ‘Green Hornet’ and ‘Esperanza’. Those last two are the darkest tracks of the EP, specifically designed as “club-ish” tracks, with heavier synths and powerful drums to make any crowd with instant chills, the perfect way to end this stunning EP.

And well, this is ‘Narcotism’ by Devoteex with their debut at Black Rose REC. What do you think about the track? If you enjoy it as much as we did make sure to purchase it here in order to support both the label and the artists.

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