Soel Sadiki, well-known as SOEL curated his own label called ORACOLO Records in the mid of last year with ‘AMBROSIA’ LP full of originals by the producer. And now he decided to release a second bomb on his imprint called ‘TELLURIAN’ EP.

SOEL is beyond recognizable by his immersive sounds with inspirations from his surroundings. Already with presence on huge labels including Afterlife, Oddity Records, Siamese, Plangent Records and many more, his consistency and uniqueness proves that nowadays he’s one of the best producers on the scene.

TELLURIAN’ EP merges that exact point, this time with the hand of Recondite, Vril, Dorisburg and Luigi Tozzi. It’s a seven-track EP, with the first three being singles from SOEL himself. ‘Tellurian’ and ‘Axon’ are a mix of powerful synths with dark leads alongside it. They’re the perfect description of SOEL’s sounds. Regarding ‘Alphecca’, it is a low-BPM track in comparison to the others where the artist explores a little out of the box with a more progressive and melodic vibe.

Regarding the remixes the first one comes from a man that doesn’t need any introduction or whatsoever, Recondite with the remix of the main track of the EP and with the energy that we are already used to recognize as his. After that we have the remix from Vril that approaches ‘Alphecca’ with higher BPMs and turning into a truly techno masterpiece. Followed by that we have the remix of ‘Axon’ from Dorisburg where he explores groovier and soft drums in comparison to the original track. And to finish we have the remix from Luigi Tozzi of ‘Axon’ turning this track in the perfect way to end this EP with more immersive surroundings.

And well this is ‘TELLURIAN’ EP! What do you think about it? If you like it as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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