The producer Analog Context has released many amazing tracks in several labels, with a special presence on Running Clouds. And now he decided to create his own imprint called Novelty with the first release being from the producer Martín Dubiansky named ‘Run For You’.

Regarding the artist, Martín Dubiansky has already released a couple of tracks in some well-known labels such as Somatic Recordings, Steyoyoke, Us & Them Records among many others. And this time he’s the first to embrace this new project by Analog Context.

Run For You’ is a three-track EP with two tracks from Martín and a remix from Analog Context. The first one is the main track that gives the name to the EP. It’s a truly melodic track with the amazing vocals from Uma German. After that we have ‘Oneil’, a darker vision from the artist, more focused on heavier drums and darker melodies. And to finish this brilliant EP we have the remix from the main track by Analog Context that shows to the fans once again his unique style with perfect leads.

With this pilot EP on his own label, Analog Context try to merge visual arts with melodic sounds, being that his objective with this new project. Regarding this release, the cover art was made by Semay and the video art by Coxenberg.

On a more personal side, Martín said a few words regarding this release:

Run For You is a very special EP for me. Part of the production was made during the beginning of the pandemic. I was with a mixture of good and bad feelings, and I was able to find through the production of the tracks, a way to express what was happening in my head.
Both tracks share this fight between dark and abstract melodies, at the same time with hopeful and nostalgic progressions.

And this was ‘Run For You’, the first release from the label Novelty. If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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