Wonder boy Adrenalize strikes again with ‘Midnight‘ on his usual label Scantraxx!

The track begins with city noises in the background, with thunderstorms and a police siren. Some 80’s inspired synths come in, followed by deep female vocals, nicely echoing through the speakers. The lead takes the from row shortly after, as the track unfolds, introducing some claps. It quiets down with some drums in the background, with a short buildup right after, unleashing a climatic section with very chilled vibes, the incredibly addicting melody and the punchy kick. The break is somewhat similar to the intro, with the second climax repeating more or less the same recipe as the first.

Yet another amazing track from a guy who’s taking Hardstyle to a whole new level. His latest releases have all been superb and extremely unique. This one manages to combine soothing sounds with the roughness of Hardstyle kicks in a great way. Massive respect to Adrenalize for the style he’s developed throughout the years, and the quality and efforts he puts into every single track he releases! This one went straight into my personal favorites from him.

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