One of the biggest artists from the Heart For Heard camp has a new release to make an impact on his fans’ speakers!

The track kicks off with a menacing screech and strong vocals. The track quickly ramps up to a section with strong, impacting vocals with a nice distorted bass down bottom and a lead piercing the airwaves. The break has a dark atmosphere, with the track unleashing its power shortly after. This is the sort of kick and bass you not only hear, but also feel when played loud on good speakers. As we progress towards the end we have a section focusing on the roughness with an interesting kick switch, one of which features amazing distortion.

As we’ve come to expect from this artist, this is a track that’s very impacting and will result well when it can be played live. The impact you feel on these sort of productions when witnessing them live is indescribable, with the bass vibrating everything down to your bones!

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