Two weeks after the release from the duo Roumex of their ‘Illusion’ EP on Somatic Records, the label is now back with a fresh release from Lindahl and KOKA(DE) called ‘Audara’.

For those who aren’t familiar with the artists, Lindahl is Swedish-Irish DJ and producer, born in Spain. His songs are a melting pot of cultures with influences from chord progressions, Afro-Tech rhythms, bending synths with a hint of mysticism, all leading him to his calling of becoming an Electronic Artist. KOKA(DE) is a singer, songwriter, and composer. She started working with Lindahl and other producers from the Riverside Studios Berlin. Currently working on her first album due to be released in 2021 and with a unique blend of influences deriving from Folk, 80’s New Wave, Funk, Soul, Electronica, Trip Hop, Grunge to Kate Bush, Portishead, Florence + The Machine and more.

‘Audara’ is a four-track EP with two singles from KOKA(DE) and Lindahl, and two remixes, one from UNDERHER and another one from Temperat. The first track gives the name to the EP and it has a mix of solid drums alongside with western strings and with the powerful voice of KOKA. The second, ‘Vonur’, is a darker one that explores heavier melodies than the previous one and more significant drums alongside with lower BPMs. The third one is the remix previously mentioned from UNDERHER that focus on melodic techno drums instead of the original one, a truly great approach from the artist. And to finish this EP we have the remix from the already well-knwon Temperat with a totally different approach, focused on a progressive melody alongside with soft drums that I bet it’s going to be the favourite track of the EP by many fans.

And well, this was ‘Audara’ EP! What are your thoughts about it? If you liked it as much as we did make sure to purchase it here!

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