Two young artists that we love a lot here at Wide Future just joined forces for a very impressive collab!

The track kicks off with strong male vocals, jumping us straight into a nice punchy kick that opens up as we go along, with the bass lines that getting more intense. The vocals come back again to guide us on the break, backed by beautiful harmonies. These lyrics talk about the harder styles defining the personalities of its fans! The lead melody strikes the high frequencies as we progress, with a very intense build up shortly after. The climax then drops, with it’s strong bass that you can really feel when played loud on good speakers. The melody is simple and insanely addictive! We’re then lead to a short break with pluck like effects filling the atmosphere. The second climax is heard shortly after, with a slight variation in the melody and a heavier kick and bass combination.

What a team these guys made! An absolute match made in heaven that resulted in a delightful and cheerful track! We hope you love it as much as we do.

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