While many of us around the world are retreating back home with the progress the virus is taking, it’s time again to dive into the best content that artists can give us…

If you’re looking for new (and good) content to spend your time at home, you can delight yourself with a very special set that Shockwave recorded recently!

Featuring lots of their releases, old and new, this is set is an absolute 1 hour journey, lifting you off the ground.

Shockwave shouldn’t be a strange name for our readers, but for those who don’t know them, they’re one of those that didn’t let the pandemic stop them.

Fresh off releases like Runaway and Eternal Light, they always release quality tracks with melodic and uplifting vibes, something very needed in times like these. We also had the honor to watch them perform live in our home country in 2018 (where they premiered Word To The Wise!) and it was an amazing show at a Hard Dance Portugal event, with the Hardstyle Portugal family!

Drop these guys a line if you enjoyed their latest set, and be sure to share it!

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