Wonder boy Demi Kanon is back releasing, with what’s likely one of his best works to date!

The track kicks off almost right away with an insanely punchy mid-intro with really good bass down below and a vocal up top. The break then follows, with spatial background elements and an enticing female vocal popping out very well up top. The lead is very catchy, with the build up shortly after being quite intense and making extensive use of the vocals. The track climaxes and you can really feel the warmth of the bass down below when listening in good speakers. There’s a short break with the vocalist leading the way to a second climax that unleashes the energy remaining, with the vocals side chained on the background, with the track ending right after.

Wings To Freedom is an amazingly well balanced track that can both be really warm and heavy… Which definitely proves that this is one very talented guy! Play this track loud!

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