The Portuguese DJ and producer, Kura, takes a new direction to what he has produced and presents his latest single which is epic!

Times are changing and undoubtedly, artists also have to sometimes make a career change, changing their style and creating something new, and so did the Portuguese DJ, Kura releasing his latest single “Deepend” in the sub- label Smash Deep, founded by the famous duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. For those who expected something more connected to big room, which was something that was the basis of Kura’s productions, you can prepare your ears for something that’s different but still a masterpiece.

This is undoubtedly a theme out of the box by Kura who shows that it is time to give wings to something new and fresh and so he did! A theme that has nothing to do with the previous one released, a vocal that fits the theme with an incredible vibe, not to mention the melancholic air that the music itself conveys, with also house sounds that accentuate very well, undoubtedly a track to take into account for the future and that will give a lot to talk about.

It also shows that it is this genre of music that will continue into the future, not forgetting the past where he launched great themes such as “Mad Man“, “Namek“, “Calavera” or “Beast Mode“, also collaborating with great artists like Hardwell, Laidback Luke, Tony Junior among others.

Listen below the new track from Kura:

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