Physika is back again releasing, kicking off this year in great style with Your Soul Is Mine on his usual label, Gearbox

Starting with guitar elements and deep male vocals, the overall mood of the track is immediately set. The mid intro is punchy, with a big distorted bass, packing menacing screeches. The soothing piano melody on the break contrasts with all this. The vocals once more command us through this section, with the leads striking hard shortly thereafter, filling the high frequencies. The build up is quick and goes straight to the point, with the climax being absolutely banging! The melody and the heavy kicks complements themselves really well. The outro section sounds absolutely menacing as well with all elements very well balanced in the mix.

This is one of those guys that every now and then comes out with absolute bangers that put a huge smile in our face, and this is one of those tracks. We risk saying that this is probably his best track to date!

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