Despite the restrictions that we are going through today, there is always something that runs in a simple way and that is what the trio Dusk comes to show us!

This is undoubtedly a project to consider in the future: Drove! A union between 3 Dutch producers, Jelmer ten Hoeve, Eli Salomons and Teun Wouters, who showed that despite the distance between them it was possible to create something unique and different and so they did with the release of their latest EP “Dusk“.

Basically, this trio wanted to make an EP to be used as an escape from the days we live in, difficult days, with uncertainties in regards to the future both with ourselves and with each other. It is a very relaxing EP, with an incredible vibe and with a very special participation.

Starting with an intro that gives the idea of ​​a car starting, everything has its beginning at that point, guiding you to put the bad energies aside and thinking about a better future. This EP intro track is also an introduction to the song that follows “Place“, also with the help of Dillon Francis, the famous American DJ and producer who also participates in this EP. A spectacular EP starts with a track with an equally good and relaxing vocal. It follows on the tracklist still “Holding on“, “Alive Again“, “High On You” always with a vocal that perfectly fits the melody of the song, which goes through House and some more minimalist rhythms. And to finish “Know” with Ex Love.

Listen below the new EP of Drove:

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