Face Rocker is the latest from Warface, and it’s a track full of power that will fuel your week!

The track starts with soft vocal sample in the background, which leads to a breakbeat and rap vocals. The mid intro begins with a deep, punchy kick, switching to the loud, pitched kicks with distorted bass we associate with Warface’s style. The break doesn’t leave much room for people on the dancefloor to catch their breath, introducing a simple, but catchy melody and an intense build up to an insanely heavy anti climatic section that doesn’t take long to open up and bring us absolute full speed mayhem, with nice screeches. There’s a short break afterwards with the rap vocals and a breakbeat, and the track finishes in great style, joining the fast paced heavy kicks with the catchy melody we heard before. A great combination that resulted in this impressive track!

Another great production from the Warface act, something fans have come to expect. As anyone that follows this act knows, these tracks are made mostly with the dancefloor in mind, it is on big sound systems that they shine and where you can truly recognize how good they are, and it is an absolute shame that we can’t have a dancefloor with a proper sound system to fully enjoy this banger. Nevertheless it is here, so play it loud at home!

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