Out now on Scantraxx Silver is the latest from Broken Element. Supernova is a very energetic track that will certainly please the Hardstyle audience!

The track beings with pop-ish female vocals, that get backed by a robotic effect as we progress. There’s a short build up for a strong and punchy mid-intro with a slight distortion in the bass down below. The break continues with the vibes from the intro with the vocals, and then we get the melody erupting from the speakers, taking over the airwaves. The build up is short and powerful, with the climax bringing in strong kicks with a nice round bass backing it down below. The track quickly winds down, as quickly as its amazing build ups!

Broken Element is one of those guys in the Hardstyle scene that’s been developing his own unique style and that’s quite consistent in what concerns release quality. He’s been doing a great job in the last couple of years, with top quality releases, such as this one, How It’s Done and Lights Out (with Phrantic and Alee), just to name a few. He’s a name to keep an eye out for! Give him a shoutout on his socials if you liked this track!

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