Hardcore legend Ophidian just released a new track, one of his best to date, along with a very special announcement! But before that, let’s dive into the new track…

The track begins with many elements that throw us back to the old days of Hardcore, such as the deep kick in the background and the rave synths at the start. The track quickly switches its mood for a heavier, more modern kick and screech accompanying it. The vocal samples assist us throughout the track. The break has the vocals that give name to the track, with the lyrics speaking about our purpose in life. The build up uses another vocal sample extensively to raise the intensity, with the track dropping heavily with an intense kick and a nicely distorted bass down below. The strong melody sit up top filling the high frequencies. Between climaxes we have a break that once again throws us back to the early days of Hardcore through the percussion elements. The second climax has a ‘fake drop’ just before it with a deep kick, resuming the intensity right after.

In addition to that, the artist announced that he will release a new album next year!

It took long to do a follow up to Between The Candle And The Star, but we’re pretty sure the wait will be worth it!

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