Oliver Heldens just released a new track on his recently established OH2 Records label, and this one is a dancefloor-friendly melodic banger with a very deep message!

The track kicks off with Shungudzo’s vocals taking the front row, with a piano in the background and some percussion elements. We’re then led through a section featuring the piano more prominently, with the track dropping shortly after, with the dreamy piano melody carrying us through it and a nice soft kick that fits the overall tone of the track. The bass down below is light and fits all other elements perfectly! The track progresses with the echoey vocals taking prominence once more. The second drop is similar to the first one, keeping the ‘feel good’ vibes going throughout all of the track.

Not only this is a really good track, but it also has a great story. It all started through an Instagram post by the singer, with an acapella of a poem speaking about freedom, for which Oliver Heldens built the track around, in his own unique style. The empowering message of the small poem was brought to another height with Oliver’s sound, making this a true banger that will make you dance instantly!

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