Expert producer The Machine is back to releases on the My Way label, with another heavy hitting track!

The track kicks off with soothing female vocals and a slower tempo. It quickly ramps up for the mid intro that features menacing screeches and a strong kick with heavy bass below. The track quickly winds down for a break with nice details such as the hi-hats up top and the enticing vocals. The huge melody doesn’t take long to strike the airwaves. The build up is quick, but intense, with the track dropping in a really heavy way as expected from this artist. The distorted bass on the second part of the anti-climax is absolutely brain melting in such a nice way! The climax then comes after a short break, with the melody providing a good contrast to the roughness of the strong kicks, bringing all the great elements of the track together.

Absolutely stellar track from a producer that’s been absolutely on fire as of lately. Straight off the success he’s just had with two major remixes and a solo named Heavy, The Machine is here to prove that he is for sure one of the most under appreciated artists on this scene. Give him some love, and play this one loud!

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