The experienced American DJ and producer, Justin Martin, will end this strange year of 2020 with yet another great theme on his label with great quality!

Without any doubts 2020 is a year to forget and all artists (and everyone else too), want to turn the page and hope for a better 2021 year, within what’s possible, however Justin Martin decides to contemplate the fans with yet another great theme, Hope“, released through its label “What to Do“.

After several days where Justin Martin published on his social networks what was to come, behold, “Hope“, came to life! A theme that shows all the quality and experience of Justin, starting with a few quieter chords and after the vocal part, the music comes to life and even gives that desire to dance! Justin Martin’s classic house remains incredible and with amazing melodies that make all the difference.

Speaking a little of Justin Martin’s label, What To Do has been the place for Justin Martin’s unique mix of house music. Examples of these are great tracks such as “Needs” and “Stay“, with this last one being remixed by Tchami himself.

Listen below the new track of Justin Martin:

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