One of the most successful artists in the Hardstyle scene continues with his strong momentum to finish the year with an astonishing release!

The track kicks off with echoey female vocals and we’re quickly led to a build up for the heavy mid intro, that features a nice screech in the background and a crunchy bass down below, with some interesting percussion elements in the background. The intensity rises with an extremely punchy kick as we progress. During the break we get the same vocals from the intro with almost tribal like percussion elements in the background, which quickly get replaced by the huge, stadium-filling melody. The build up works very well with both vocal samples. The track drops and in a very strange twist of events it just turns anti climatic almost mid way through the climax. There’s a short break featuring the melody prominently once more and this time the track does drop with all of its energy and with no surprises! The vocals are very well treated and fill in the top frequencies really well.

This is likely one of the most energetic D-Sturb releases to date, and a very original one as well. When listening for the first time, the anti-climatic twist sounds really strange, especially for the fact that the climax wasn’t just teased, it actually progressed for a few seconds, but grows on you the more you listen for being something different.

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