Heart For Hard representative Udex strikes again with an insanely good track! 

The track kicks off with some claps and a vocal whispering. The mid intro is strong, punchy, with a round, crunchy bass down below that sounds marvelous on good speakers. The break continues with the spine tingling whispered vocals, opening up shortly after. The melody here is immense, and will carry us throughout the track. The build up makes extensive use of the soothing female vocals. The climax is an immense burst of energy, with the melody taking over the airwaves on the high end. The track ends with the elements that compose its atmosphere for a spine shivering outro.

Udex showcased us his usual style once more on this track, but packaging it in a new “color”. He’s one of those artists you cannot get tired of as he has a very unique style that’s present on all tracks, but he manages to make them all different and unique in its own way! Mechanical is yet another masterpiece for this artist’s discography. Did you enjoy it? Let us know through our socials!

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