Five months after the release of one of the most hyped albums by the Portuguese artist Madd Rod called ‘NO ONE’S FAULT’, he’s now back with the release of the long-waited remix EP of ‘DYSTOPIAN DESERT’ on his own label, Inner Shah Recordings.

Despite the original album containing twelve stunning tracks, the remix EP only contains six amazing remixes, but keep in mind that quantity doesn’t mean quality, and this EP is all about quality, and this EP is a mix of many sub-genres inside the electronic dance music, such as indie dance, Melodic house & techno, organic house and garage.

We had a small talk with Madd Rod regarding the EP itself:

Dystopian Desert, Madd Rod’s first studio album gets its second round with the release of its versatile EP of remixes, on November 20th, 2020. Six of the 12 tracks of the original albums were selected to get remixed by six creative artists from all around the world. Dizharmonia, Modeplex, and Mila Journée explore the soundscapes of La Bastille, Nile Calling, and Narmer, on innovative Melodic Techno revisions, while Rafael Cerato turns Potens into a dreamy Indie Dance adventure. To Ricciardi gives an Organic House twist to Black Note Serenade, and London-based Kishan teleports the album’s Interlude to his hometown with a Garage remix.


Keep in mind that a combination of that many well-known artists on the scene for a remix album is something hard to see in this genre and especially from a Portuguese artist. So, in our point of view this is really a huge step forward the Melodic house and techno scene in our country. And the fact that Madd Rod could bring artists from many different countries (Cerato – French, Dizharmonia – Greek, Modeplex – German, Mila Journée – Brazil, To Ricciardi – Portugal and Kishan – U.K) represents the amount of work that was done to make this possible.

We truly recommend you listen this brilliant EP and if you enjoy it make sure to purchase it here!

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