Famed Bass project DROELOE just released A Matter of Perspective, an album that serves as an ‘anthology’ of their work to date!

Filled mostly with tracks from the group’s past, mixed with a few new tracks, this album celebrates the creativity this group has had, and how their sound evolved. A look back into the past while DROELOE steps into the future after splitting last month.

A Matter of Perspective is a very special release, as it not only focuses on the group’s discography but also on the very special vinyl box set for this release that they’ve prepared, one that you can order through bitbird’s store.

Whilst you wait for it to ship you can already enjoy it through streaming services. Disc 1 focuses on new tracks and other recent works. It’s kicked off by Panorama, a soothing track with a low tempo that slowly gains momentum as we progress, guided by soft beats and dreamy wind instrument elements in the background. The 4th track is also new, a Reimagined version of Looking Back, that went through a similar treatment as Sunburn back in September. Treasure Map ends this disc, and is also a new track that’s worth highlighting. It’s also one with low tempo, but with strong percussion elements and a heavy bass beneath.

We then have the other discs focusing on older work, with the 2nd one being the A Moment in Time EP, the 3rd being The Choices We Face EP and the 4th the A Promise Is Made EP.

If you’re an absolute fan of this act, you truly cannot miss the physical edition of this unique release, an amazing collector’s item!

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