Four months after Synasthesie introduced ‘SINESTETICA’, Emiliano Di Clemente and Simone Mancin are now back with a brand new EP called ‘Tiny Room’ on the label TIME:CODE music.

Tiny Room consists on two tracks, the one that gives the name to the EP itself, which was premiered by many artists last year including the already well-known duo Tale of Us on Hi Ibiza, and the other one is called Decayed. Both tracks explore the melodic techno on a deeper level, a unique soft touch that people begin to recognize as theirs.

On a small talk that we had with the duo, they describe Tiny Room as:

“Both tracks are dark and mystical interpretation of melodic Techno style. Perfect mix of analog and digital sounds bringing strange tension but yet so easy for listening”.

We truly recommend you to listen this magnificent EP that has been developed over several months by the duo and tell us your opinion about Tiny Room and this whole new concept of the melodic techno scene. If you enjoy the EP and if you’re interested about knowing Synasthesie a little bit better, we’ve interviewed them in April.

You can purchase ‘Tiny Room’ here.

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