Two great artists, GRiZ & Jauz, and an epic collaboration that will surely make you dance with an incredible rhythm. You won’t want to miss this!

After a great start to the year on the part of Jauz, with the release of his EP “Dangerous Waters” and with his live streams through the Twitch platform where he heard demos from young producers and gave his opinion on them, he now launches a new theme and this time brings with him GRiZ, thus creating its new theme “No Doubt“, a track released through Deadbeats Records.

With a very sinister beginning, the music begins to unfold and show all the quality of Jauz and GRiZ with those vibrant melodies and which we are all used to, without a doubt a great vibe. This new theme is also included in the EP by GRiZ “Bangers [6].Zip”.

Speaking a little about GRiZ, he released part 3 of “Chasing the Golden Hour” this year, where he presented a complete album of originals and which was very successful, also stabilizing all the work and career that he has been doing throughout this time. Jauz before this theme launched “Wildfire” with the singer Karra, also obtaining quite a lot of success and also showing that he continues on a brilliant path and that he still has a lot to show in the future.

Listen below the new track of GRiZ and Jauz:

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