Two great promises of Hardstyle with a great path to the future release their first of (hopefully) many collaborations together

The Shadows” is the name of the track that many have longed for. First, the track starts with some vocals and a dark atmosphere is mostly felt there. The various kicks from the first part of the track are very pleasant and good to hear, especially those from Bloodlust which are really unique.

After the anti-climax part, there comes the kick and melody part that together made a large part of the song and it is a pity that you have this little time to hear this piece of art because this part is really too good and the track is really small and we certainly wanted more.

Bloodlust was one of the recent confirmations of End of Line Records with his magnificent track “Imma Boss” that has exploded in the community completely, and is still widely heard. The End of Line prodigy still has a lot to give, we have already spoken on our website several times so if you are interested in learning more about this young man, check here and here to read more.

About Aversion, he’s been at the top of his game lately, with tracks like Give Me Forever and Global Revolution, and is currently one of the biggest representatives of the renowned imprint Theracords.

We surely have to big talents here… Who knows what the future will bring to them? Hopefully only good thing and we will be here to watch, and listen to their tracks!

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