Today around 11 am in Portugal, we received a notification from Nightbreed Records that this beautiful Crystal Mad track came out!

A very original track with a darker theme, and Crystal Mad himself making his vocals and that is what makes him so special in the scene, and even on a personal level, it is one of the things I most appreciate about this producer. The whole concept of the track, the melody and kicks typical of Crystal Mad all come together to convey the feeling that the whole theme of the track has.

Lots of leaks were made by the British producer and the anxiety was immense due to the quality of the few that we could hear on his Instagram. He paused his hard work to spend time with his family and thanks to that he attacked the studio fully focused again and this track was the proof that this producer is meeting the expectations we said here on our website.

Matt Radley is a man of many different ideas and concepts in tracks, so if you are interested in listening to some of his works, below we leave his Spotify, and here some of the articles we wrote about him previously. We were following his growth in the scene and if it weren’t for the virus, he would be at a lot of festivals and club parties right now.

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