Further solidifying his champion status in the Hardstyle scene we have Jesse Jax, with his latest release! I’m A Fighter is filled with energy and you’ll love it for sure.

The track kicks off in a soothing way and introduces an interesting vocal with very uplifting lyrics about fighting through your challenges in life and striving to succeed. There’s a melody introduced right after, filling up the high frequencies in a great way. The track doesn’t take long to climax, with a very strong kick that slaps you in the face when listened through good speakers! The melody complements this roughness very well. The bass is also felt, but not too overwhelming, which sounds great. Between climaxes there’s a short break, with the second one continuing with the energy that the first one conveyed.

The track matches its name perfectly, being uplifting from top to bottom and pushing you to do bigger and better things! It’s definitely an inspiring one making you think on the things you still want to accomplish… We hope all our readers can fulfill whatever this track makes them think of!

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