You heard about him here before, and many of our readers have had the chance to even see his live performances… Louis is one of the best upcoming talents from the Portuguese Hardstyle scene and he just presented his latest!

The track begins with soothing elements in the background and a robotic vocal that’s both very strange, but suits the overall mood surprisingly well. We’re then seated to a punchy mid intro that can get a dancefloor moving, presenting us a kick variation mid-way through for an interesting change of pace. The break is similar to the intro, but here we’re introduced to the striking melody that pierces the airwaves as we progress. The build up is quick with the track unleashing all its energy right after it drops. Just before the outro there’s a very interesting part where you think you’ll be treated to the outro, but the section is introduced by what we can almost call a “fake drop”, followed by a higher pitched kick with distorted bass below, a nice touch that’s not common from this artist

A good effort on the melody and a very energetic climax marks yet another release from this young producer. We wish him the best, as always!

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