One of the most famous duos in the world, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, are back on the attack and launch another great theme, as has been usual.

Times are still difficult, and with no end in sight to have a normal life again, the world’s greatest DJ’s have taken advantage of this time to be in the studio and create new themes, taking into account that they have more time to do so. The Belgian duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike prove this with their new production “Do It!” with the collaboration of Azteck and the female voice of Kimberly Loaiza.

In this new theme there is a mixture of languages ​​between Spanish and English, also giving a Latin rhythm to music, something also different from what has been done previously. Overall, the music has a great vibe, something relaxed and also taking advantage of Azteck’s rhythms. He previously released themes on Armada Music and Spinnin’ before collaborating with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The Mexican singer/influencer, Kimberly Loaiza, is followed on social media by more than 30 million users and has some highlights in previous vocals made for electronic music.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, on the other hand, continue their good phase in what concerns releases, since due to the pandemic, the concerts have been canceled and so they’ve dedicated themselves more to producing new content for fans.

Listen below the new track of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike:

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