The Queen is back, and this time she brings with her Elyn, who brings an extra epic touch to this masterpiece!

The track kicks off in a soothing way, with soft background effects and Elon’s vocals. The track quickly starts ramping up with a clap, a synth that slowly takes over the airwaves, and rap-like vocals. After joining these elements and a quick build up the track climaxes with a strong kick, joined by a distorted bassline that takes over the low frequencies without being too overwhelming. As quickly as it built up, the track winds down for a break. Right after the track drops once more drops unleashing all the energy left. The outro is as soothing at the start, keeping the listener in the overall mood of the track until the very end.

This is quite an interesting track with a very nice concept that revolves around Elyn’s vocals. She’s well known for those following Deetox as both the producer and the vocalist have always worked well together, and this is something more outside the box that had an amazing end result. Tracks like these that are less dancefloor oriented are very well appreciated in times like these where dancefloors are closed!

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