And we ended another week with a release long awaited by fans since it was first played, the remix of Psyko Punkz’s track, “After MF“.

Bass Modulators already have a certain name and fame in the Hardstyle scene because in 2015 it was when they climbed to the top and started appearing with increasing frequency in the festival line-ups. In my opinion it was mostly because of this Live Perfomance that the hype of Bass Modulators was immensely justified. Since then they’ve always been on the rise and they were even responsible for one of the anthems of one of the best festivals in the world, Defqon.1.

This Remix is ​​very impressive because we didn’t expect Bass Modulators to pick up a very classic Psyko Punkz track with a very special touch.

Apparently, it has been quite famous to start with a big drop in the mid-intro and end in the same style, with fake drops that switch things up and left us very amazed. The rest of the track is very typical of Bass Modulators, full of quality and diversity.

Bass Modulators already have plans for more releases in the near future as age does not weigh on them and they have more years ahead of them on Hardstyle.

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