Master spoontechnician Vazard is back to releases after an “hiatus” that was way too long for his fans!

You may be reminded of the astonishing album that the artist released two years ago, Chapters Of The Mind. Since then, he wasn’t too active, both in the studio and performances, (having released only a collaboration last year) citing lack of motivation and creativity as the reason for this absence. But he now returns to his own rhythm and he did so very well!

The track starts calmly but the intensity quickly rises, with some screeches, ending up in a mid intro with deep, punchy kicks and a vocal sample every now and then. The break features a somewhat spooky background, and we’re treated to vocals about sound intensity! A synth then takes over the airwaves, with a very intense build up aided by vocal elements being pitched up. The track then drops in an insanely aggressive way! The kick rolls as we progress give for a very interesting change. There’s a short break afterwards so that the listener can catch his breath. The following part is equally rough, with some extra elements up high.

An astonishing return to form for Vazard, who’s one of the most respected figures in the Hardstyle scene. After tracks like Zimmersion, Let’s Get Weird, the ones features in his album, among others, this is certainly yet another piece that will mark his career.

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