Even with the distance between Sikdope and Ibranovski, it is still possible to create a great theme and the new collaboration between both shows just that!

Unfortunately the times are moving forward and we don’t see any signs of improvement in relation to the terrible pandemic that haunts everyone in the world, however, it is necessary to mention some good things that music gives us, and an example of this is the collaboration between Sikdope and Ibranovski that release “Monster“.

A melody that turns out to be a 50/50 by each producer, who end up creating a bass house track with an incredible vibe and a theme that will undoubtedly make your home vibrate. For those who expected something more focused on Dubstep from Sikdope, he surprised with this track, but it also shows that it is possible to create other themes, thus leaving your “comfort zone”.

Speaking a little bit of Ibranovski, he had his great success in “Vicious” released on Spinnin ‘Records in 2014, and since then he’s been getting collaborations with artists from all over, having stabilized his career. Sikdope, on the other hand, was very happy with the release of “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse“, together with Borgore, which launched him for stardom, also collaborating with the most diverse stars of electronic music.

Listen below the new track of Sikdope and Ibranovski:

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