No one can go wrong with the Anjunadeep imprint. And when it comes to talent, they’ve got a lot of it, including the amazing duo Eli & Fur!

They just released two tracks, Walk The Line and Big Tiger

The first track is a soothing one with almost tribal-like drums at the start, and soft female vocals. Some synths assist in the build up, with the track dropping with a very pleasing bassline that sounds amazing in a good system. The synths that carry us through the rest of the song in the background are the cherry on top, and ride the waves of intensity the track brings.

Big Tiger seems a more dancefloor oriented, “4 to the floor” kind of track. As we progress, new elements get added to the track in a smooth progression, unfolding and feeding all the good elements to your ears. The kick is deep enough to be felt, but tamed enough not to be overwhelming, and the hi-hats sound really well, with the synth melody shining through, always complemented with some nice bass notes contrasting with it.

Eli & Fur have been a constant presence over at Anjunadeep with their releases over the years and this may very well be the finest they’ve put out through this imprint… What are your thoughts about these tracks? Let us know on our socials…

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