Brazil continues to show that they export good electronic dance music, proof of this is a new collaboration between Alok and Vintage Culture.

South America is known for its sonorities with an incredible vibration, and the Brazilian DJ and producer Alok and Vintage Culture, prove this with their first collaboration thus presenting “Party On My Own” with the voice of FAULHABER. A great theme that finally sees the light of day after great speculation.

A mysterious intro with a bass accompanying all the melody that is already characteristic of both and thus spreads all the magic around this great theme, released through Alok’s label, CONTROVERSIA. This is also a theme that is not just another song, it is a song that all its revenue will revert to two Brazilian institutions AACD (Association for the Support of Disabled Children) and “Fraternidade Sem Fronteiras”

With all this, Alok continues his great journey as a DJ and producer, with consecutive releases and with great artists, as it happened in the last release where he brought KSHMR along. In terms of songs, it was “Hear me Now” that led the Brazilian DJ to success and from then on there were countless songs that managed to be successful such as “Never Let Me Go” or “Big Jet Plane“. Speaking of Vintage Culture, he has grown over time and has had a great influence on his country and beyond. In 2020, Vintage Culture has topped the Billboard Dance Club Charts twice with his undeniable hit, “In The Dark” with Fancy Inc. and his following single “Deep Inside of Me” (feat MKLA) and Adam K.

Listen below the new track of Alok and Vintage Culture with FAULHABER:

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