Two big producers went back in time in their latest effort! This collaborative EP between Stormtrooper & DJ Thera will make you party like it’s the 90’s!

First track has a rave synth slowly coming in. Drums are then added to raise the track’s intensity and then we’re led through a mid intro with a fast paced kick and distorted bass down below. The break has a huge 90’s feel, with the drums and the vocals. Afterwards we have a section that drops in a very climatic way but suddenly sees a shift to a very deep kick, making for an anti-climatic section instead! Afterwards we’re treated to a magnificent kick and bass combination contrasting with a nice melody on top.

The second track begins with a beautiful piano melody. The robotic vocals lead us through this part, and many others in this track. This one is slower paced but has the same old school vibe from the previous one, and a lot of acid elements prominently featured, something I personally love!

A very well balanced EP from two experienced artists, we can see a bit of both of their styles! Be sure to add these to your playlists…

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