Latest one hitting the airwaves comes from the Scantraxx camp, more precisely from Nightcraft!

He’s an artist that we previously featured on our website, and one who albeit experienced in Hard Dance, is now diving into the Hardstyle scene in particular. For this track he’s joined by Phyric, a new name!

The track starts with a quiet part with deep male vocals. The bell sound effect gives this track a darker environment. It’s not long until we get a melody tearing through the speakers, with an amazing synth down below rounding it. This is followed by an anti climatic section that has an amazing rough, slightly high pitched kick and an epic distorted bass down below that puts the listener right in the mood for this track. The screeches here are also worth mentioning, giving the track that extra bit of spicyness. A short break separates this from a more melodic section, where the melody shines though, contrasting with the lower frequencies. This track is pretty much full speed from top to bottom, with the outro being separated from the rest by another short section with the vocals front and center.

What an absolute trip! This track is insanely rough and can get anyone going even when sitting at home, you just feel like fist pumping the air even when sitting! Let us know what are your thoughts about this one on our socials…

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