The unstoppable Jay Dunham is once again on the hunt and ready to pounce with a fresh new release. Motivated by the release of his Chemistry EP, now comes fresh new single Moksha.

Nothing can disrupt the young Belgian’s energy. Real name Jordan Hamana, Jay Dunham has been a music production nerd since 2012, pouring every single ounce of energy and dedication into his tracks. The Brussels-born has done everything in the current festival drought to keep his fans entertained, embarking on a staggering sequence of releases designed purely with his #Dunfam in mind.

Since the release of the mighty Meditate on Tchami’s Confession, Jay has graced our ears with nothing but pure bangers: from Badface to Karma, to his latest hypnotizing Chemistry EP – presented under the watchful eyes of Panther’s GrooveJay Dunham puts in the work day in n’ day out, merging and blending different elements of his sound with several genres, all centered around mesmerizing bass lines.

Jay’s latest release is a personal one, highlighting his spiritualism. “Moksha” is a versatile concept that can be translated as “…liberation, rebirth, a release from ignorance and the ascension to a higher plain of enlightenment.” Jay describes this the only was he can: through music. Moksha is a continuation of the experiment conducted with the release of Karma following along a different chapter of Jay Dunham’s sound, one riddled with musky percussion and wild bass lines. Reverberated vocals set the tone for the track and create a murky out-of-body atmosphere, one where your soul rises and roams free, only to be sent back down to unfathomable depths where riotous kicks and booming melodies entrap the listener in a truly unique experience.

Check out Jay’s latest track below!

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