The Polish DJ and producer Blinders is back with new releases and promises to set your headphones or speakers on fire with his new production.

Times advance at an impressive pace and much faster considering that there are no festivals, and something that makes us “live the music”, however, all producers have to show what they are worth and at this moment Blinders shows us that, with his latest theme “Sabotage“. The Polish producer presents yet another theme at a great level and full of quality, something that has already accustomed us throughout the time.

Blinders presents a heavier-sounding theme with a few hard trap sounds that fit perfectly with the work he has developed over the years. It will certainly be a theme that will be present in your sets. Earlier this year, Blinders also had the opportunity to collaborate with Cesqeaux and release “Go Back” and previously released “Right Behind“, “Side 2 Side” and “Hydra“.

In the future we look forward to more productions by the Polish DJ and who knows, maybe to watch one of his DJ sets, it would be a very positive sign, not only because of the bad time the world is going through but also to hear new sounds.

Listen below the new track of Blinders:

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